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It is good that you have decided to get a mobile app development service for your business. Nowadays, with smartphones playing a crucial role in the lives of people, having a mobile app for your business will help you reach them with ease. However, it is better for you to be aware of the trends to follow to get a future-proof app developed for your business.

Latest Trends in Mobile App Development to Create Future-Proof Apps:

Artificial Intelligence:

Shortly called AI, Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic these days. It should be stated that AI is bringing changes to the way we play, work and even live. It is indeed revolutionizing the world of smartphone apps. An excellent example of AI used in apps these days is speech recognition. You might have noticed that you can now dictate your text as against typing them to search for anything on the web. Also, face recognition is an example of AI that relieves you of entering a password or pattern every time. Apart from these two examples, there are plenty of uses for AI in mobile app development. Popular apps that use AI now are Fyle, FaceApp, Siri and Amazon’s Alexa.

VR and AR:

VR denotes Virtual Reality and AR is the short form for Augmented Reality. When both or one of these technologies is used in mobile app development, your users can get a more immersive experience with your app. Particularly, gaming apps widely use these technologies. However, these two technologies can be of great help to develop apps for real estate, eCommerce and education-related businesses and services. But your users can benefit from this technology in your app only with the help of portable devices. VR sets are available at an affordable cost these days. But AR technology devices are a bit on the pricey side even today. Examples of apps that use these technologies are L’Oréal Makeup App, Pokémon Go and Ikea Mobile App.

5G-Ready App:

In many countries across the world, 5G or the 5th generation of wireless connections has been launched. Experts judge that this technology will bring great changes to the way we use our mobile phones. When your mobile app supports or is ready for 5G, your users can browse the contents quickly. This technology will be of great help for video streaming and dependable gaming. Even, this technology will help remote healthcare workers and other such services stay in touch with their patients. In short, there will not be any connectivity issues with your app when it uses the 5G technology. This technology will be of great help for eCommerce apps as order processing can be done at a faster pace than ever before.


So, when you hire a mobile app development service, you can check one thing. It is whether the service provider can develop apps with the latest technology for you. The other trends recently gaining popularity are cloud-based apps and wearable-ready apps. Also, many apps these days use ChatGPT and blockchain technology.