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You might be an independent entrepreneur. Otherwise, you might be the CTO of an organization. Even if you work in the tech domain in any capacity, you might very well agree that smartphone applications are the future. So, any business should have an application to reach out to a larger group of audience these days. When you wish to get an app developed for your business, it is better to know about the top technologies used in mobile app development.


Python is nothing but a general-purpose programming language. This programming language is being used for web development for a long. It can be an effective technology for mobile app development as well. This language is easy to read and it offers many functionalities. Most importantly, it does not compromise development speed for easy readability.


  • Has a huge collection of libraries
  • It is open-source and so you can customize it to find your specific business needs
  • It is effective for both front-end and back-end development
  • Python is easy to learn


  • It has a high memory usage
  • It is not native to the mobile environment


Are you planning to develop a native iOS app? If so, Swift should be your choice. The reason is that this is an open-source and game-changing programming language. Particularly, it is widely used in the iOS app development space. It is believed to be the successor of both C and Objective C Languages.


  • Clean syntax helps with making APIs simple to read and maintain
  • Makes code more readable and error elimination happens with built-in error handling
  • Streamlined closures for the performance of powerful bespoke transformations
  • Optimized performance for different use cases
  • Prevents garbage collection overheads and keeps memory usage to a minimum


  • Compared to C++ programming, it has issues related to memory management
  • It uses a low-level virtual machine


Java is one of the most dependable and successful languages when it comes to programming. Even for Android app development, Java is always a key pillar. It is a general-purpose programming language. It is object-oriented and platform-independent with the least implementation dependencies. It enables programmers to write code once and they can run it everywhere.


  • Code reusability and widely acknowledged for portability
  • Machine-independent code that operates on the Java Virtual Machine
  • Automatic management of memory to prevent loss of memory
  • Standard libraries to access features particular to hosts as networking, threading, and graphics
  • Highly popular for secure and robust client-server applications


  • Does not have a backup facility
  • The UI Builder of Java is not robust and so it is hard to build complex user interfaces


These are just a few top technologies used for mobile app development. Apart from these, the best app developers use other programming languages. Examples include JQuery, NativeScript, Xamarin, Ionic, Cordova, React Native and Flutter. Each of these technologies has its own pros and cons. When you choose the best mobile app development service, they will use the best technology. Particularly, they will develop an app that will help you reach a larger group of audience.