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No one can deny the fact that the popularity of mobile devices has skyrocketed recently. The daily addition of apps to stores and the frequent release of smartphones continue to drive the market. Recently, studies show that most people spend nearly five to six hours on their smartphones daily.

When your prospective customers are spending a lot of their time on smartphones, one thing should hit your mind as a business owner. Yes, you should have already started thinking about how to reach them via their smartphones.

The best option available to you is to get a mobile app development done for your business. But, here comes the question of who should develop this app. Can you handle it yourself? The thing to remember here is that mobile app development is a tricky endeavour.

What Should A Mobile App Development Team Look Like?

Are you planning to have a mobile app development team in-house? If so, a good team should encompass the following professionals:

1. Product Owner

A product owner is a key role and this role is generally played by an in-house professional. The reason is that this professional will act as the link between the mobile app development team and other members of the organization. This professional will be responsible for supervising the app creation process. He/she will do it from the beginning to the completion. The purpose of this supervision is to ensure that the solution is always useful to the end users.

2. Project Manager

A PM or a project manager is a professional responsible for managing the whole mobile app development project. He/she will make sure that the project is completed within the time agreed upon. Above all, this professional will ensure that the project is completed with quality as the utmost priority.

3. Business Analyst

Shortly called BA, a business analyst will be responsible for conducting business analysis. He/she will do it before the start of the mobile app development. This professional will evaluate the requirements of the business. He/she will set the right objectives such that the approach to the project development is optimal for the unique needs of your business.

4. UI/UX Designer

The mobile app development for this process will succeed only when the team has this professional. This person will ensure that the end product is attractive, user-friendly and has an intuitive interface. Also, he/she will make sure that everything within the application is optimized to bring the best user experience. In turn, your app can achieve higher engagement.

5. Mobile App Developers

Indeed, the team should have experts in mobile app development. You might have plans to make your app Android-based. Otherwise, you might want it to be iOS-based or cross-platform application. In these cases, the team should have developers with appropriate experience and skill.

6. QA Engineer

Indeed, there are other professionals in the team to take care of the quality. But, the quality of the outcome of the mobile app development process is ensured by a QA Engineer or quality assurance engineer in the team.


Let us consider that your business is small and upcoming. In this case, it is hard to hire all these professionals for mobile app development. So, the best option available for you is to hire a mobile app development service.