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You may have heard of Omnichannel Marketing before, and like many businesses dismissed it as another buzzword from marketing companies. However, Omnichannel is more than that, it is the future of marketing for your business, and every business, here is why.

What is Omnichannel Marketing?

Omnichannel marketing is the integration of all aspects of marketing and communication with consumers into a single process, so that there is message cohesion wherever a customer or potential customer interacts with your brand.
This includes everything from social media to the physical store experience of marketing materials and even packaging. Because this process must include so many different channels of contact, it can offer ways to buy through a dedicated app or online store, or buy online and pick up in a physical store, receive new information about a product through email, a push message or through a social media message and so on.

Unlike multi-channel marketing, which has been with us for years, omnichannel marketing provides one, synchronised message across multiple channels. That is the key difference, message cohesion at all times, rather than a variety of different messages across multiple channels.

Why does that matter?

Technology has evolved rapidly in the last two decades, and the result is that it dominates almost every aspect of life. We work on connected devices, we all carry a permanently connected phone with us everywhere we go, we spend hours online a day and the majority of us seek online information on everything before making a purchase.

Omnichannel marketing is designed for the way we live and work today, offering ways to stay in constant communication with consumers where they are, whether that be on social media, email, SMS or in a store. It reshapes our approach to marketing to fit with the way we use technology, and that is why it is without doubt the most forward-thinking solution to brand messaging, marketing and business growth there is today.

What we do?

ALLIANCE provide a complete turnkey Omnichannel solution for businesses of all sizes. We work with our clients to develop custom solutions to meet any need or budget, incorporating all digital properties in one cohesive development.

From web development and digital marketing expertise we craft fully integrated online properties that work seamlessly together to offer an engaging, brand led user experience that boosts awareness and aids growth. Additionally, we also develop apps to enhance the user experience, crafting memorable user experiences that drive further engagement and sales.

With an in-house video production team, we are well placed to deliver the content needed to support these digital properties using a proven medium that consumers are actively looking for. Finally, we also integrate Web3 solutions, such as Blockchain, NFTs and more to further enhance marketing performance and extend audience reach to new markets and consumer demographics.
A bespoke Omnichannel solution offers impressive outcomes for your business and ensure that you have a digital solution built for today and scalability to meet your needs in the future.