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Are you an entrepreneur? If so, you might be aware that many businesses these days have an app.

So, you might have thought at least once about whether there should be an app for your business too. But you might be postponing this thought just because you will have to spend on app development.

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Indeed, you will have to get help from an app development service to develop a suitable app for your business. But, having a business app is beneficial in many ways.

Why Should Your Business Have an App?

An app can help your business grow in multiple ways. Here are the top 5 reasons to consider getting an app developed for your business:

1.   Direct Customer and Client Engagement:

The more you engage with customers, the better you can develop a rapport with them. Businesses with good rapport with clients and customers grow at a faster pace.

The reason is that when your clients are happy about your business, they will share its details with their friends and family. Also, they will turn into loyal customers for your business.

With an app, your business can engage in direct communication with your clients. Further, the information that you gather via your app will help you learn a lot.

Yes, you can get to know buyer personas, shopping behaviour, and other useful details that will help you plan the best marketing strategies.

2.   Create a Channel for Direct Marketing:

When your business has an app, you can easily share promotional details with your customers. Let us consider that you have planned a promotional event or a special sales campaign.

In these instances, you can keep your customers informed via your business app. Using push notifications, you can also remind your customers about your products or services as required.

3.   New Window for Revenue:

Through your business’s mobile app, you can provide your customers with a customised shopping experience. When the buying process is intuitive and simple, there will naturally be a boost in your sales.

Domino’s Pizza is an excellent example. When this company launched its mobile application for orders, the company saw a 28% increase in sales in the UK alone. This happened within only six months of launching the app for receiving orders. Now, the company gets more than half of its orders through its mobile applications.

Based on the nature of your business, you can monetise your app using freemium and in-app purchases. Even, you can have a paid version of your app to increase revenue. When your app is of real help to users, they will be ready to pay for the paid version.

4.   Strengthen your Brand Image:

Some decades ago, businesses used banners, flyers, and business cards to improve their brand image. But, nowadays, we live in a technically advanced world. The only thing you can do to expand your company’s reach is to increase its digital presence.

No matter where your prospective clients live, you can establish your brand’s image with a mobile app. You can establish your business’s digital image with an app.

5.   Gain Better Control:

When you have an app for your business, you can gain better control over business branding and security. When the former is important to ensure the reach of your business, the latter is important to make your app users feel secure.


In short, with a mobile app, it will be possible for your business to reach out to younger demographics. Further, you can sync the social media accounts and emails of your app users. In turn, you can serve them better, thereby achieving better growth.