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Are you particular about safeguarding the environment? If so, you will be aware of the value of food. Would you love to prevent food waste? If so, you can stop food wastage with the Too Good To Go App. This app will help you rescue unsold food from your favourite spots in the UK.

With the Too Good To Go App, you can explore restaurants and shops in your region.  Also, you can save surplus bags of surplus food from getting wasted. Do you know that food waste is detrimental not only to the environment? Yes, it can affect economic and social aspects as well.

  • Economically, wasting food costs nearly $1.2 trillion every year
  • Socially, 2.5 billion tonnes of food is wasted every year. At the same time, nearly 828 million people stay hungry daily.
  • Environmentally, food waste accounts for nearly 10% of greenhouse emissions. These figures are higher than the aviation industry.

So, for these reasons, it is the responsibility of every citizen to prevent food wastage. Thankfully, the Too Good To Go App can help.

What Can You Do with the Too Good To Go App?

With many features, this app on your Android or Apple Phone can be an excellent companion in many ways. Here are a few things you can expect from this user-friendly application:

  • You can save the planet by saving food
  • The app lets you save food from bakeries, supermarkets, restaurants and more
  • You can reserve your surprise bag on the app
  • The app lets you collect your goodies at pickup time so that you can prevent food from getting wasted
  • The app offers an in-app impact tracker. With this tracker, you can track the difference you have made.
  • You can spot surprise bags near your wherever you go in the UK

How Does the Too Good to Go App Work?

With the Too Good to Go App, you can do the things mentioned above. Here is how the app works:

Explore and Discover

You can download the app to your phone. Then, you can explore the map in the app to find restaurants near you. Also, you can easily find shops with unsold food, grocery stores and cafes near you.

Select your Surprise Bag

On the Too Good To Go App, you can select your surprise bag. Also, the app lets you browse different surprise bags. Each bag is filled with unsold tasty food. Right from fast-food favourites like burgers and pizzas to sushi delights and grocery supplies, you can find a lot of food.

Affordable Rescues

You can choose a surprise bag that meets your budget and cravings. To your surprise, the cost of these bags starts at just £2. So, the app lets you find sustainable ways to enjoy quality foods.

Also, with this app, you can confirm your purchase before you reach the restaurant or store. Thereafter, you can head to the business at a pre-set time to collect your surprise bag that contains your favourite foods.