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Would you like to have hassle-free bike trips in the inner London areas? If so, you should have the Santander Cycles App on your Android or Apple Phone. This app holds the pride of being the only app to share bike release codes right to your smartphone. It means that you need not have to search for a docking station terminal. You can skip past the terminal and can get your bike quicker to travel around London.

All that the Santander Cycles App wants you to do is to register with your bank card. Then, you can use the option called “hire now” in the app from a docking station near you.  The app will ask you to follow some onscreen instructions. When you follow them, you can get your bike release code. You can tap the code into the docking point. That’s it you are good to go.

Get More with the Santander Cycles App

You can do a lot with this app on your phone. The following impressive features make the Santander Cycles App, the best inclusion in your smartphone:

Learn About Docking Stations

On this app, you can see up-to-the-minute information about docking stations near you with spaces and bikes available. So, you need not have to hunt for stations unnecessarily. You can save your precious time by finding docking stations with bikes when you wish to take a bike for a ride. Also, you can find a docking station near you with space so that you can quickly reach the station to leave the bike when returning from your trip.

Easy-To-Follow Map

Planning your trips in London by bike is made easy by the Santander Cycles App. Yes, the app offers easy-to-follow maps to help you easily plan your trip.

Get Notifications

When you are nearing the end of your trip, you might naturally feel concerned about calculating the cost. Thankfully, the app can send you notifications summarising the cost at the end of your trip.

View Your Recent Journeys and Charges

Sometimes, you might feel like exploring a new region in London. In these instances, the Santander Cycles App can help you avoid the places that you previously visited. Yes, you can get details of your recent trips and the charges you paid for those trips. As you can see the charges you paid previously, you can somewhat calculate how much the forthcoming trip will cost you.

Save Your Favourite Docking Stations

You might feel that some docking stations are your favourites for one reason or another. You can save these docking stations on the Santander Cycles App. So, the app will show these stations if space or a bike is available at the end or beginning of your trip respectively.

Participate in the Weekly Prize Draw

Yes, for its users Santander Cycles App offers the facility to become a London Rider. Once you become a rider, you can participate in challenges and can complete them. Also, you can hire cycles to earn entries into a prize draw that is conducted every week.

So, if you are more than 18, you can hire a bike on this app. It will be a friendly companion for you.