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Time Out has been part of the life of Londoners for more than 5 decades now. However, the company launched its mobile app around a decade ago. You might wonder why this app came late. A slightly hipper and smaller rival has offered an app since 2008. However, it lost a bit of its importance lately. Thankfully, the Time Out App was launched then.

Let us consider that you find your regular restaurant in London is completely booked. Otherwise, you are in the other part of your hometown. You had never been to this place earlier. In these situations, the Time Out app can come as an excellent solution. You can sort restaurants on this app based on different categories. Examples include cuisine, price, area, or critics’ pick. The navigation is smooth on this app. It lets you easily copy the phone number and address to your contacts. So, you can book or you can see if a table remains open.

What Makes Time Out App Special for Londoners?

Google-based Map

The Time Out App lets you browse the listings. Above all, the Google-based map on this app offers you an alternative way to browse the information, showing recommendations close to your location. On the map, you can customise to show you clubs, pubs, bars, gigs, cinemas, cafes and restaurants near you, wherever you go.

Get Alerts on Your Local Events

The Time Out App can provide you with alerts about events near you. Also, on this app, you can share events with friends on Twitter, and Facebook Connect. In short, it has been designed thoughtfully.

The location-based search lets you find the hottest things that happen near you. Otherwise, you can also browse the editor’s pick to find the opening and new events near you. Most attractively, you can book tables, offers and tickets on the app for events for now or later. So, your social life is made easy when you have this iPhone or Android App on your phone.

Inspire Me

One excellent feature of the Time Out App is the “Inspire Me” screen. It lets you shake the phone to bring up events randomly selected that might appeal to you.

Discounted Offers

All of us like discounts. Understanding this, the Time Out App lets you know the attractive deals near you. So, you save money on your local shopping. Above all, you can get exclusive experiences on this application.

Comprehensive Listings

On the Time Out App, users can get instant London inspiration. Also, the app has comprehensive listings that cover the hottest happenings in the city. In case you are looking for a place to drink or eat fast, you can use the “bars and pubs nearby” and “restaurants nearby” functions on your GPS-enabled handset to find venues that are approved by critics.

So, residents of London will find this app very much helpful. Irrespective of whether you own an Android or Apple Phone, you will find this app helpful in London.