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Yes, you are right! Plastic is detrimental to the environment. As responsible citizens, each one of us should take steps to prevent plastic disposal. Thankfully, if you are from the UK, you can rely on the Refill App. With this app on your Android or Apple Phone, you can eat, shop and drink with less plastic. As a result, you can be of some help to the environment.

What is Refill?

You might have heard about Refill App. But, you might not have heard about the Refill initiative. Yes, it is an award-winning and accredited campaign from City to Sea. Its purpose is to help people lead a life with less plastic.

You can download this free Refill App to join the international network of places not only to refill but also to reuse and reduce waste. Right from shopping with less plastic, drinking water on your route or a coffee without plastic usage, this app will put the power to travel without plastics.

The Refill App provides you with a platform and framework. Not only for individual consumers but also for businesses and communities, the app can be a friendly companion. The objective of the founders of this app is to support the transition towards reuse systems. The team is committed to tackling the international issue of plastic pollution by bringing down waste.

Features of the Refill App

Indeed, you will be interested in knowing how the Refill App can turn out to be your companion. Here are the impressive features of the app:

  • Free Water Refills: On this app, you can find more than 274,000 water refill stations internationally. So, you can prevent buying more plastic bottles.
  • Coffee on the Move: Would you love to carry your cups to coffee shops and save money? If so, this app can help you find coffee shops that offer rewards and discounts for customers bringing their cups to reduce the usage of plastic cups.
  • Lunch on the Go: On the Refill App, you can find places to carry your lunch boxes. You can get the food filled in your boxes. In turn, you can reduce plastic usage.
  • Also, the app lets you find public water fountains across the globe
  • On the Refill App, you can find refills. It means that you can reduce pointless packaging when you shop.
  • Also, the app lets users like you add their favourite spots to refill. In turn, you can help others using the app find spots that will help them reduce plastic usage.
  • Further, on this app, you can track the impact you have created on the environment by reducing plastic consumption. This will help you feel motivated to reduce plastic usage in whatever ways possible.

In short, make use of this on-the-go app and prevent pointless packaging. The app will help you fight climate change by tackling plastic pollution. So, buckle up to save the environment.