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Indeed, you have bought an EV vehicle in the UK understanding the benefits of this ownership. However, the problem with this ownership is about finding the charging points. Of course, you know about the nearest charger to your home or office. Nevertheless, when you are on a trip, finding chargers will become easy from here on. How? With Zapmap App.

What is the Zapmap App?

The developers of this app claim it to be the best electric vehicle charging app in the United Kingdom. Yes, you can find chargers across the country when you have this app on your Android or Apple Phone. Above all, the thriving community of users of this app will help you get some useful ideas regarding your EV.

This most-suited app for electric vehicle drivers can help them find chargers easily wherever they go in the UK. The founders of this app have been mapping charging points right from 2014. The app has the biggest number of charging options in the United Kingdom.

Features of Zapmap App

Indeed, before you download this app to your phone, you will be interested in understanding its features. We will get into an overview of the features here:

Know Live Availability Status

When you are on a long trip, you might have a limited time to spend on charging. You will be interested in ensuring that the charger is free. Understanding this, the app offers the facility to know live availability status. It means that when you find that a charger is in use, you can look for some other charger.

Use Filters

To make your search easy, the Zapmap App offers filters. You can filter suitable chargers based on different filters like:

  • Charger type
  • User Rating
  • Location
  • Available payment options
  • Access
  • Multiple devices
  • New devices
  • EV Models

View Charge Point Info

Yes, you have guessed it right. With the help of this feature offered by Zapmap App, you can gather complete details about a charging point like:

  • Address
  • Charger type
  • When was the last charge done

Plan Your Journey

This app has a travel map. When you provide the starting point and destination point in this map, the resulting map will show all the charging points on your route. You will have a rough idea of how long your battery lasts. With this idea, you can plan to recharge at a specific station. You can do this even before you start from your home.


Now, after knowing the features of the Zapmap app, you should know what benefits you can get when you have this app on your phone. Here are the key points you should know about:

  • With the in-car support that this app offers, you can drive with complete peace of mind.
  • Also, you can share your location with your friends on this app
  • You can pay the charging stations via this app

Final Words

In short, the Zapmap app is committed to making your EV ownership hassle-free across the UK. So, start planning your long trips with confidence.