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If you own an Electric car, you should have the Bonnet App on your phone. After you become a proud owner of an EV, you will be particular about one thing. It is that you should find charging stations near you wherever you go. Thankfully, this app will let you know about the location of EV charging stations across the UK and Europe.

For its dependability, charger coverage and savings it brings, this app has been voted as the best electric car app for 2023. EV drivers gave the best rating for this app on these grounds.

Features of Bonnet App

Before you download this app to your Android or Apple phone, you will be particular to know about its features. Here are the key features of the app:

  • Find a Charger across more than 400 charging networks
  • The app offers 24/7 live updates
  • Before you head to any charging station, you can know whether it is occupied or free
  • The app offers clear pricing for every charging station
  • You can plan your budget in advance with the variable pricing insights offered by this site
  • The site helps to ensure that you get the best price possible
  • From this single app, you can charge at more than 200,000 chargers from more than 400 networks
  • When you subscribe to Bonnet Boost, you can save between 10 and 15% on every charge
  • The Bonnet App offers some useful filters
  • You can filter charging stations based on availability, speed of charging, type of connector or your car
  • Above all, the Bonnet App will let you pay for charging stations straight from the app.
  • To make a payment, you can just add your card details to the app
  • Further, simple invoicing is yet another attractive feature


Now, you know the features of the Bonnet App. You will be equally interested in knowing its benefits. Here are the benefits you can expect:

Helps Both Drivers and businesses

Yes, not only owners and drivers of EV cars but also owners of charging stations can benefit from this app.

For Drivers:

  • You can save time and money with Bonnet
  • With this app on your phone, you need not have to engage in any detours to recharge your car
  • Helps you gain access to thousands of charging points across the UK
  • Innovative Features
  • Simple Pricing

For Owners of Charging Stations

Owners of charging stations can increase the occupancy of their stations.

The app is the largest charging aggregator in the UK by volume. With a combination of B2C and B2B users, this app offers different charging patterns for chargers. In turn, the app improves the occupancy rate for charging stations.

Above all, owners of charging stations can get a wide range of data from this single app.

Strategic growth partnership opportunities, dependability and upfront payments are other benefits Bonnet App offers to owners of charging stations.


In short, the Bonnet App should be on their phones for owners and users of EV vehicles. Also, charging station owners can equally benefit from this user-friendly app.