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No one in the marketing field can deny one fact for sure. It is that video is turning out to be a crucial part of content marketing these days. Above all, consumers love watching videos. According to a study conducted by HubSpot, nearly 55% of people feel more engaged when they watch a video as compared to reading a blog post. So, your business can flourish with a fitting video portfolio.

What is a Video Portfolio?

Now, you have decided to create a video portfolio for your business. But before that. you should know what is video portfolio all about. It is a combination of materials that document achievements, skills and knowledge. Your portfolio should have video files and reflections on competence development. Also, it should have written analysis of work processes. Your portfolio can help meet summative or formative purposes.

In short, your video portfolio is the ideal tool to showcase the personality, creativity and skills of your business. However, how to know whether the portfolio is relevant, engaging and effective for your target audience? Yes, you have guessed it right! You can find answers with data.

With data, you can measure, evaluate and even optimize your video portfolio. You can make your portfolio stand out from competitors. Here are some tips to make effective use of data to improve your video portfolio:

Tips To Improve Video Portfolio with Data

Select the Right Platform

The process of creating a video portfolio should begin with the selection of the right platform. The platform you choose should permit you to upload, host and display your portfolio. You can do this on your own website or you can use platforms like Wistia, Vimeo and YouTube. Each platform carries its own advantages and disadvantages. So, you should choose one after evaluating them.

Planning your Video Portfolio

Once you have selected a platform, you should plan how your portfolio video should look like. Remember that viewers these days do not have time to see lengthy videos. Just because you make short videos, you should not miss out on key points that you wish to share. You should plan how your video is going to share the achievement of your business concisely. Make use of numbers to show how far your business has achieved after a humble start.

Choose A Fitting Template

Once you have decided on the platform and things that you wish to share, you should choose a fitting template. Nowadays, you can find many portfolio video templates that make your job easy. You can place the key data in the appropriate places in the templates. But, to fill up these days, you should have complete data related to your business.


Data can help you share the information that you wish to share in a video portfolio. Thankfully, you can find experts in video production. When you choose such a service with expertise in creating video portfolios for businesses, your job will become much easier. Above all, you can easily reach the intended audience.