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You will not deny that we presently live in a visual storytelling world. So, videos these days function as powerful mediums to capture the attention of audiences. Also, they help evoke emotions and convey messages that we intend to share.  Right from narratives to documentaries and more, every video style offers a unique approach to storytelling. Professionals engaged in video production are now able to engage views in different ways. If you are new to this field, you should know about the different styles of videos:

Documentaries to Unveil Real Stories

  • Documentary-style videos help you throw some light on real-life subjects.
  • Even, with documentaries, you can capture real-life issues and events.
  • The good thing about documentaries is that they are rooted in authenticity
  • The objective of documentaries is to not only educate but also provoke the thought of the audience.
  • Documentaries provide audiences with observational footage, interviews and facts to educate them.
  • Documentaries often capture different topics that range from environmental concerns to social issues.
  • This style of video even captures personal narratives and historical events.
  • Do you wish to engage in documentary video production? If so, you will have to engage in in-depth research.
  • You will have to interview eyewitnesses and experts to create compelling visuals.
  • With in-depth research, you can create documentaries that create a compelling narrative and resonate with your audience.

Narratives Help Craft Fictional Worlds

  • As against documentaries, narratives transport viewers to fictional worlds
  • The narrative style of videos needs storytellers
  • This video style needs plotlines, characters and scripted dialogues
  • The purpose of narratives is to immerse audiences, evoke their emotions and entertain them.
  • These videos use captivating narratives
  • It can be a gripping mystery, a heartwarming romance or a thrilling adventure story.
  • Narratives use different storytelling techniques and a wide range of genres.
  • Narrative videos emphasise storytelling techniques.
  • It uses visual aesthetics, plot structure and character development.
  • When you engage in narrative video production, you will employ different cinematic tools. Examples include sound design and cinematography.
  • With these techniques, you can bring an engaging and seamless viewing experience to your viewers.

Experimental Videos to Push the Boundaries of Creativity

  • Experimental videos push the boundaries of creativity
  • These videos are characterized by abstract visuals and unconventional narratives along with innovative techniques.
  • This style of videos provides a platform for filmmakers to explore fresh ideas
  • Also, they let filmmakers express themselves in unconventional ways.
  • If you wish to engage in experimental video production, you will have to experiment with avant-garde techniques.
  • For instance, you should use techniques like abstract soundscapes, non-linear storytelling and surreal imagery
  • With these techniques, you can create thought-provoking and immersive experiences for your viewers.
  • The good thing about this style is that videos created in this style will invite audiences to interpret and engage with the content on a deeper level.


Now, you know the styles to follow in video production. Which style are you planning to choose to produce quality videos that capture the attention of your audience? Share your thoughts here.