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You do not have much experience in video production. Now, you plan to create videos for your or your business’s social media account. As you are new, here are some tips to help you make videos that grab attention on social media:

Tips to Produce Quality Videos for Social Media

Know your Audience

In 2016, Facebook evaluated the video consumption of its users. From this study, the social media platform found that 45% of people, who watch the initial three seconds of a video will continue to watch it at least for 30 seconds.

From this data, you can understand that you should spark curiosity in your audience within the initial 3 seconds. Remember that your sluggish content cannot grab the attention of your audience. The reason is that most humans have a short memory span.

An effective video can hook your viewers. They will be motivated to preview the core message that your video intends to share. During the initial three seconds, you can try keeping rapidly cut between many Shark Tank pitches. The fast frames can grab the attention of viewers.

Promotion is Important

Any content to reach your target audience should be promoted promptly. Video production alone is important. You should take steps to popularize it on social media. Only then, it can catch the attention of the target audience. For promotion, you can create a short video. Nowadays, the audience loves to watch short-form videos as against longer ones.

Target your Audience

You know your target audience well. So, your video content should be created in such a way that it is attention-grabbing for your target group. Spot your target audience and their requirements. Also, you should know the type of social media platform they use. The video production should be done for the specific social media platform that your target audience uses.

Add Subtitles to Your Video

Subtitles are essential elements to make your videos engaging. With subtitles, you can widen the reach of your videos. Above all, not all of us can understand what we hear. So, adding subtitles to your videos can make them more engaging.

Adding subtitles will help even if your videos are watched in noisy places without headsets on. With subtitles, viewers with hearing impairments can also watch your videos.

Spot Your Goal

Before you engage in video production, you should understand the goal of your video. The goal can be anything like creating brand awareness. Otherwise, you might be interested in attracting more subscribers. It can be for a product launch or to increase website visits. Once you know the goal, you can create videos based on what you intend to achieve.

Apart from these tips, you can also remember other things when you engage in video production for social media. For instance, you should remember to include a call to action. Also, make sure to include storytelling to make your social media videos engaging. With these tips, you can create engaging videos for your social media account.