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Are you a foodie? Otherwise, you might be a busy professional working from home in the UK. In both cases, it would be good to have your food delivered to your doorsteps, isn’t it? Thankfully, the Just Eat App can help you.

Just Eat App – An Intro

Just Eat App is a food delivery app available both for Android and Apple platforms. You can search for your favourite foods from the best restaurants near you in the UK, wherever you are. What features make this food delivery app attractive? Read on to learn more:

Attractive Facilities Offered by Just Eat App

Short-list Based On Your Needs

On the Just Eat App, you can shortlist your food based on different categories. Here are a few example:

  • Sort restaurants based on the kind of food you are looking for
  • You can shortlist, based on the restaurants that are located close to you.
  • Sort restaurants with top reviews

Food Delivery Based On Preference

Not only the restaurant, on the Just Eat App, you can also get the food delivered based on your preference. For instance:

  • You can get the food delivered right at your doorsteps
  • You have the option to choose the time slot for food delivery
  • The app also offers the option for you to collect the food in person from the restaurant.

Different Payment Options

When you order food through the Just Eat App, you can get different options to pay for the food. Examples include:

  • Cash on delivery once the food is delivered
  • Pay securely using your card
  • Pay using your mobile or Apple Pay

Easy Ordering

Yet another attractive thing about the Just Eat App is that you can place your orders with ease on this app.

  • You can set up an account with ease
  • You can log in using your Facebook credentials

Once the account is set up with the app, you can order as and when required. Above all, the app will provide you with order history so that you can easily reorder if you would love to try the same food that you previously ordered once again. Also, not only placing your order but also checking out is easy as your payment details will be safely stored in the app after your first payment.

Customize Your Orders

At times, you might think that it would be good to place food orders with a restaurant that offers attractive deals. Just Eat App can help you with this. Yes, you can search for restaurant offers and discounts on the app.

Further, you can check reviews posted by fellow customers of a restaurant before you place your order. Also, the Just Eat App helps you see the progress of your order via notifications. You can also share your experiences as reviews just within a couple of taps so that others can benefit when they are looking for restaurants in the UK located close to them.