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Have you ever thought of hiring all types of vehicles from a single source in the UK?  Thankfully, Free Now App can provide you with this option. Read on to learn more about this app here:

Free Now App – Basic Details

Free Now is a mobility super application. The app offers the largest choice of vehicles for consumers across the United Kingdom. You can look for vehicles in more than 150 cities and 9 markets on this app. The app is available both in Google and Apple stores.

More than 1000 employees in more than 26 officers work for this app. It is led by the CEO Thomas Zimmermann.

What makes this app special? Read on to learn its features:

Features of the Free Now App

All Kinds of Mobility Services

Within the Free Now App, you can access all kinds of mobility services. Examples include e-mopeds, e-bikes, e-scooters, car sharing, private hire vehicles, taxis and even public transport services.

Backed By Top Brands

The Free Now App brings together different mobility brands. The goal of this app is to make urban mobility more sustainable and efficient. Above all, it aims to do it without adding fresh vehicles to the street.

The Free Now App company is based in Germany. It is backed by top automakers like Mercedes-Benz and BMW Group.

Ride an E-Scooter with Ease

Sometimes, you might feel like choosing a different mode of transportation when you are back home. In this case, the Free Now App can help you. Yes, you can hop on an e-scooter on this app. With Voi and Dott, there is always an e-scooter around you.

You can use the map in the Free Now app to spot the closest e-scooter. You can scan the QR code in the scooter via the app to unlock it. You can hop on it and can quickly reach your spot by avoiding the traffic. This mode is transportation is ideal for short distances and for running errands.

Friendly For Drivers

If you are already a driver, you can become a member of the Free Now App. In turn, you can tap into millions of passengers via this app. You can make money on your terms. The app cannot control how much you charge the passenger for your trips. This is an excellent option offered by the app to help drivers make more money. In turn, the app helps its users to find vehicles for their trips in the UK.

Commitment To Go Electric

Another excellent thing about Free Now App is that the company is committed to making cities in the UK healthy and greener places to live. It means that the brand is committed to adding more electric vehicles to its fleet. In turn, it offers drivers better options to benefit. So, if you are committed to making a greener future, you can reach the Go electric page of the Free Now App to learn more.