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You might be new to the Good on You App. It is nothing but a dependable source of sustainability ratings for fashion. If you want to engage in sustainable fashion shopping, you can have the Good on You App on your Android or Apple phone. When you download and start using this app, you will be part of a group of millions of people from across the world using this app. With this app, you can start shopping better. Above all, the app will let you create a sustainable future.

What Can You Learn From Good on Your App?

With the Good on You App, you can get the power to check the effect of your favourite fashion brand with ease. The app will let you identify better alternatives to brands that do not follow sustainable practices. In short, you can gain more knowledge about fashion shopping with this app. Also, you can get dedicated offers from the top brands to engage in sustainable shopping without spending too much.

How Does Good on You App Work?

The database on Good on Your App about brands was built by thousands of brands. This encompasses the most familiar brands the internal team of the app has selected. Also, many smaller brands were spotted by the users of the app. The procedure that the app follows to evaluate brands includes the most common issues that brands face when manufacturing and selling fashion items.

The evaluation done by the Good on You App handles issues to make sure that people are protected and the planet is protected. Most importantly, the app evaluates whether animals were given proper respect. Once a brand has been evaluated for sustainability, the team at the app goes further. Yes, the team gathers data online by evaluating the quality, reputation, scope, values and transparency of a brand.

Also, for evaluating a brand, the app team maps third-party indicators. Examples include accreditations, independent certifications, Fashion Transparency Index and other standard-based systems.

Features of Good on Your App

You can get a lot of things from Good on you App. Here are the key features that make this brand special:

  • You can get more than 3000 ethical brand ratings on this app. You can also check the ethical rating of your favourite brands.
  • With Good on Your app, you can discover ethical brands that match your values and style
  • You can save on ethical fashion on this app with offers from high-rated brands
  • This app also lets you share your thoughts about ethical brands you came across.
  • The app team makes sure that new brands are added every month.
  • You can read style edits, tips and news from the ethical fashion world on this app.


In short, you can have the Good on You App on your phone to easily spot brands that follow ethical and sustainable practices. In turn, you can gain the satisfaction of shopping from a good brand.