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Do you wish to declutter your closet? Are you thinking about what to do with your old stuff? You will feel excited when you can convert them into money, won’t you? Thankfully, the Vinted App can help. Read on to learn more about this app:

Vinted App – What Is It?

Vinted App is an app, where you can post your old stuff for sale. Not only for selling old stuff, you can use this app for buying things sold by other sellers as well. what features make this platform unique from other such apps? Read on to learn more:

Features of the Vinted App

Simple Selling

Vinted App lets you sell your stuff with ease. You can follow a simple three-step process to start selling on this app:

Free Listing

You can list your old stuff for free on this app. All you have to do is download the app on your phone. You can download either from the App Store or Google Play Store. You should choose the platform based on what phone you use.

Once downloaded, take photos of the items that you wish to sell. Write a description of your products. Set the price for the product. Once this is done, tap the “upload” button. Your listing will be live.

Sell, It and Ship It

If you have sold your product on the app after listing, the next step is to ship it. Before shipping, you will have to box your items. Get the prepaid shipping label printed. Pop to the drop-off point. You can do this within 5 days.

It’s Payday

You need not have to pay anything to sell when you use this platform to sell. So, what you make from selling belongs to you entirely. You will get paid as soon as the buyer confirms that everything is fine.

Shop Securely and Safely

Not only selling but also buying in Vinted App is easy. The three-step process involved in the buying includes:

Finding the Product

The first thing to be done by a buyer is to download the Vinted App to his/her phone. If you are a buyer using this app, you can browse millions of unique items. Above all, you can search for different brands. Finally, you can shortlist your favourite items.

Buy the Product

In case, you have shortlisted one among the many products, you can contact the seller if you have any questions, you can ask the seller. Otherwise, you can buy items with a tap of a button. Finally, you can pay securely via a bank card. Otherwise, you can also use your Vinted App balance to pay for the products you buy on the app.

Get the Product

Once you place your order, you can know the estimated date of delivery when you check out. You will receive the product within a few days at your doorsteps.


You need not have to let your old clothes and other stuff stay anymore. You can make money out of them with Vinted App in the UK.