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Taking video production as a serious business is not easy. You will need big professional-quality cameras. Also, you will need a studio set up and artists too. However, initially, you cannot spend too much on the video production profession until you gain some momentum. Thankfully, initially, you can use your smartphone to create some quality videos. Once your videos succeed, you will get more orders to create videos for others. However, to produce videos on your smartphone, you will need some accessories.

The purpose of this post is to help you learn about the accessories required for capturing videos with impressive quality on your smartphone:

Stabilization Gear

As you know, stability is the key factor when it comes to creating professional-looking videos. When your video is shaky, viewers can get distracted and they will lose interest. To prevent this problem, make sure to invest in a stabilizer or smartphone gimbal.

With these devices, you can keep your smartphone steady as they use sensors and motors. Most importantly, your video content will be stable even when you capture when moving.

Some gimbals even offer features like programmable motion and automated tracking. These features can add dynamic elements to your videos. When you capture static scenes, you can use an outmoded tripod with a phone mount. You can achieve stability without spending a lot when you have a tripod.

Quality Audio

You might have created a stunning video. But it can be spoiled if the audio quality is not good. So, you should have the appropriate gear to capture crisp and clear sound. When you are recording using your smartphone, make sure to have an external microphone.

When talking about microphones, Lapel mics otherwise called lavalier mics can be excellent option. This will help particularly when you are capturing monologues or interviews. The reason is that you can place these mics discreetly close to the mouth of the speaker.

On the other hand, if you are engaged in directional audio capturing, you can opt for Shotgun microphones. These microphones can work great in controlled atmospheres.

To reduce unwanted noise in your videos, you can use a microphone with a windscreen. In turn, you can make sure that your audio is as good as your visuals.

Lighting Solutions

You can create professional videos only when you have proper lighting. Indeed, natural light is an excellent resource. Nevertheless, it is not always dependable. You can use portable LED lights to fill in shadows. Also, these lights can help highlight your subjects. Even, using these lights, you can set the mood for your scene.

Lighting solutions come in different sizes. From tiny on-camera lights to bigger panels, you can find different options. Even, you can find LED lights with adjustable brightness and colour temperature. In turn, you can achieve the flexibility to match the light to your atmosphere.

The other accessories you can gather include lens attachments and creative apps to capture professional-looking videos with your smartphone.