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The Tube Map app can prepare you for the journey ahead. The app will do this with line status updates and real-time routing to any place in London. This award-winning transport app shows the Harry Beck Tube Map. It is the best app to use both for local commuters and tourists when they use London’s underground transport facility.

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Tube Map is undoubtedly user-friendly as it works both offline and online to provide the routes. You can get to know the status of service changes, closures and delays in underground transportation in London. So, you can plan your trips accordingly.

Read on to learn more about the benefits and features you can expect from Tube Map:

Top Features:

1.       Comparison:

One of the best features of Tube Map is that the app lets you compare not only the journey time but also the journey cost. Yes, you can do this comparison on varied routes. In turn, you can spot the cheapest and quickest ways to get around London. This will be a useful feature if you are new to London and wish to explore places.

2.      Step-By-Step Directions:

The journey planner in Tube Map will help you get step-by-step directions. So, you can easily find your way around London. Wherever you are in London at a given time, you can find the closest Tube Station and also the route to get there along with the timings of the next tube. Such a helpful app though!

3.       The Walking Tube Map:

Why take a tube when you can reach a spot by walking as it is very close to your present location? Understanding this, Tube Map offers a feature called Walking Tube Map. With this facility, you can see shortcuts if the place is easy to reach by walking as against waiting for a tube.

4.       Facility to Save Favorite Routes:

Let us consider that you are in London to explore some places. But, you like a particular spot very much. You decide that you should visit this spot once more before you leave for your hometown. In this case, you can use Tube Map to save your favourite route to this favourite spot. Then, you can quickly select it whenever you visit this spot again.

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5.      Gather Helpful Information:

When you tap on a particular station name in Tube Map App, you can gather helpful information about the station. For instance, you can know about the facilities available in the station and you can gather accessibility information. You can know the first and last tube timings. These are just a few examples as you can gather much information through the app.


Indeed, Tube Map offers a lot of features and facilities as a free app for Android and Apple users. But, you can also go for Tube Map Premium, a paid version of the app for more features and facilities. You can get the following benefits even when you use the free version of the app:

  • You can get a travel guide right on your phone when you have this app
  • It also encompasses additional map views for the TFL Night and Rail Network
  • You can get to know the live departure time from TfL
  • The app will provide you with all details about national rail arrivals and departures


Be it a local or a tourist to London, he/she will find this Tube Map app friendly in many ways. Getting around London by Tube will be an enjoyable and hassle-free experience. This app will make the experience even more fun-filled.