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Parking anxiety is something that drivers across the world would have experienced. Particularly, when they are an urgency to park their vehicle, drivers get more frustrated when they cannot find a parking lot. To reduce this frustration, Parkopedia was created.

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The name of this app itself shows that it is an encyclopedia of parking lots across the world. When you have this app on your iPhone or Android Phone, you can easily find a parking lot. You can do this when you are starting from your home. So, you need not have to search for a lot. Also, you can pay for the lot via Parkopedia. In turn, the app will save you precious time waiting for your turn at the parking lot to pay.

Interesting Features:

Find a Parking Lot in Any Location:

With Parkopedia on your phone, you can find a suitable parking lot in your present location. Not only your present location but also you can find parking lots in any location by entering the address. Again, this is a time-saving feature as you need not have to ride around to find a suitable lot to park your vehicle.

Get Directions:

You might wonder once booked, how to reach the parking lot via this app. Parkopedia in addition to helping you book parking lots also shows the map to the lot. So, you can reach the parking slot straightaway without wandering around.

Real-time Parking Slot Availability:

Let us consider that you are planning to visit a tourist destination on a weekend. You know that the parking lot will be full already. Even in this case, the app will save you precious time. How? It will show you real-time parking slot availability information.


The excellent thing about Parkopedia is that it has filters. Using these filters, you can quickly narrow down your parking choices. Examples of filters include parking lots that accept credit card payment, free slots and covered parking slots.

Operational Time:

You know that some parking slots do not function round-the-clock. You should be aware of this information if you are planning to drive during the wee hours. From Parkopedia, you can get to know the timing of different parking lots in a specific location. So, you can shortlist the lot that meets your timing needs.

Benefits of Parkopedia:

Now, after knowing the features of Parkopedia, you might be thinking about downloading this free app to your phone. But, wait, you will be more excited about this download when you know the advantages of the app:

  • This app covers more than 70 million parking slots across the world
  • You can find parking slots in more than 15000 cities across the globe using this app
  • The app continues to increase the parking slot with the help of contributions made by drivers like you. So, the numbers continue to grow.
  • It will relieve you of the tension of finding a parking lot for your vehicle when you are in a hurry


Parkopedia is undoubtedly an encyclopedia for parking lots across the world. You will be impressed by the performance of this app. Also, you will start sharing details of the parking lot yourself to this app to help other drivers.