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With the best set of features like journey planner, live status updates and more, the National Rail Enquiries app will get rail trips easy in the UK. This app is the best choice both for locals and tourists using rail services in the UK.

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The National Rail Enquiries App with its clever pool of features will be helpful for train trips in the UK. In addition to providing alerts about your train trips in the UK, this app can do more for you.

Features of National Rail Enquiries App:

The National Rail Enquiries App is available both in Google Play and Apple Store. This free app offers some in-app purchases. But, you might wonder what features make this app friendly for your train trips in the UK. Let us find out:

1.      Personalise your Information

Once you download and log in, this app will turn out to be a personal journey planner for you sitting on your phone. You can personalise information and can save your favourite journeys. Not only stations but also you can save your favourite train information on this app. The customization offered by this app will let you know the next train home and station information, wherever you are in the UK.

2.      Notifications and Alerts:

With the National Rail Enquiries App on your phone, you can get alerts. Yes, you can get free alerts about train cancellations, delays and disruptions. Also, you can sleep on your trip and can ask the app to wake you up so that you will never miss your station.

3.      Live Status Update:

Apart from live train progress, you can view live departure boards on this app. So, if you know how long it will reach for the train to reach your station from the departure point, you can start accordingly. In turn, you can avoid unnecessary time waiting for the train to reach your station.

4.      Journey Planner:

How will the National Rail Enquiries app plan your trips? You can search for trains running between different stations in the UK via this app. Also, you can choose and buy tickets from all operators from this app. When you know the train timings and the ticket costs, you can easily plan your trip and the budget for the trip as well with this app.

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5.      Watch a Train:

Would you like to know the status of a particular train? This app will help you do this. You can pin a train to “My Travel”. Then, you can begin watching its progress across the network.


Now, with the features of this user-friendly National Rail Enquiries App known, here are the benefits to know:

  • Offers Apple watch integration
  • You can view live departure information for the station that you choose
  • This app offers an alert me option. With this facility, you can get notified of your next train along with its platform number. You can get these details when you are approaching your departure station.


With the National Rail Enquiries app, you can make train trips fun-filled in many ways. So, buckle up for the best train journey experience with this app.