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How about having an app that has won a couple of awards? Yes, the MET office weather app should be on your phone to help you get the latest weather forecasts. To help you feel proud of having an app that has won a couple of awards, this app has won two awards in the WMO International Weather App Awards. These awards were offered to this app for being specialized in warnings about weather and forecasts of public weather. Also, these awards stand as the recognition of the quality, quantity, dependability and usefulness of the information the app has provided to its users.

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With the Met Office Weather app on your phone, you can get the most accurate world-leading weather forecasts. Not only the weather forecasts in the UK but also you can get forecasts globally. Interestingly, the app can provide you forecasts for at least one hour to utmost 7 days. It means that you can know what will be the weather like in London for the next 7 days. So, you can plan your trips accordingly.

Key Features:

What makes Met Office Weather App special? This will be your question before you download this free app to your phone. Here are the key features:

Video-Based Weather Forecasts:

This app can provide you with video-based weather forecasts. Things we see in the form of video will be remembered by humans for long as compared to just reading texts. You might have experienced this yourself in many instances.

Instant Notifications for your Saved Locations:

The Met Office Weather App will let you save certain locations. For these locations, you will get instant notifications about weather changes. So, if you are a frequent visitor to some places, this feature will help you plan things accordingly in advance. You can get warnings for rain, fog, ice, strong winds, lightning, thunderstorms and snow.

Real-time National UK Severe Weather Warnings:

For the UK locations you save in the Met Office weather app, you will get real-time warnings on UK National Severe Weather conditions. You will get this in the form of an interactive warnings map.

Interactive Rainfall Map:

At times, we can manage on heavy sunny days. But, it is hard to do things on rainy days. Understanding this, this app will provide you with an interactive rainfall map. Even, you will get text forecasts for the following 24 hours. You can know details either using the mplay feature or manual scroll as per your convenience.


Now, you know the excellent set of user-friendly features of the Met Office weather app. But, what type of benefits you will get when you have this free app on your iPhone or Android phone? Here is the list:

  • On the Met Office Weather App, you can quickly shift between hourly and daily forecasts for the locations that you have marked as favourites
  • You will get updates on feel-like and actual temperatures on this app
  • Air pollution forecasts on this app will let you know whether or not to visit a particular spot
  • You can know the sunrise and sunset times


Do you want to know everything about the weather for the forthcoming few days? If so, the Met Office Weather App should be on your Apple or Android Phone.