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We humans are social animals. We would love to spend time with our friends and family. This is why social media platforms are highly popular these days. However, some of us would love to socialize in person rather than online. If you are one such person from the UK, you will love to participate in social events near you. Thankfully, you can have the Meetup App on your phone. The app is available both for iOS and Android users to download. Read on to learn more about this app:

Meetup App – An Introduction

The purpose of the Meetup App is to let you find upcoming events near you. In turn, the app will let you stay connected to your community. Using this app, you can find groups in your area that are engaged in things that you love. So, you can become part of these groups. As you can participate in live events from the information you gather from the Meetup App, you can meet people with similar interests as you. Also, you can stay in touch with a few or all of them you love after the event.

Features of Meetup App

Meetup App can let you do more. Here are a few examples:

Plan Events with Ease

Yes, apart from knowing about the events near you, using the app you can also create events. Yes, you can manage your meetup group and plan your next event right on the app. You can do all these things right on your phone.

Start a Group

Not only events, you can also create a group on the Meetup App With this facility, you can:

  • Host your events either in-person or online
  • Create your group on any favourite topic on the app
  • You can meet your friends, who would like to participate
  • Above all, the app will recommend your group to people of similar interest
  • In turn, the app will let you grow your group
  • You can manage your group from anywhere on the Meetup App
  • Also, the app lets you personalize and schedule events with ease

Keep the Moment Going

Let us consider that you have created an event on the Meetup App. You can keep the momentum going until the date of the event. You can do this by posting photos related to the event. You can also use the instant messaging facility and discussions on the app. So, the app lets you always stay connected with your group before and after the event.


In short, the Meetup App lets you pursue your interests with people, who share them both in-person and online. With more than 60 million members, this app lets you discover a tech community, build a career network and create a personal brand. Above all, you can meet friends and make time for your hobbies with like-minded people right on your phone.