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Blockchain for businesses is undoubtedly worthy for organizations that transact with each other. To get rid of friction and improve efficiency, businesses can access the same information with distributed ledger technology in the blockchain. Also, with blockchain, it will be possible for businesses to quickly scale and size a solution. They can adapt many solutions to carry out many tasks across different industries. How are all these things possible for blockchain? These advantages are delivered to businesses by blockchain based on four key features that are unique to this technology. They are:

Unique Features of Blockchain for Businesses:

1. Security:

Blockchain assures security by giving access to blocks and their creation only to authorized entities. So, security is ensured by providing access to information only to dependable partners.

2. Immutability:

In the blockchain, it is possible to add many blocks. But, it is not possible to remove even a single block. It means that there will be a permanent record of transactions. In turn, trust increases among stakeholders.

3. Replication:

In the blockchain, a block is a record of an event. Once it is approved, it is created automatically across the ledgers of all those taking part in that channel. In other words, every participant will share a single trusted reality of the transactions.

4. Consensus:

The shared ledgers are updated only after the validation of each transaction. The validation is done only by suitable participants engaged.

Applications of Blockchain For Businesses:

In different domains from across the globe, blockchain has been helping businesses with positive transformation. When there is greater dependability, it will lead to better efficiency. It happens by getting rid of duplication of effort. It will not be an overstatement to say that blockchain revolutionizes retail, government, financial services, food distribution, supply chain and more.

Blockchain Makes Food Safe:

Yes, businesses in the food industry are benefiting from the blockchain. We all consume food. Also, we all are concerned about the safety of the foods we consume these days. What if it is possible to eliminate these concerns right from production to reaching the hands of consumers? Many companies in the food industry use IBM Food Trust which is part of the IBM Blockchain Platform. They do this by using and sharing data from this platform. With blockchain, businesses in the food industry are bringing down waste and lengthening shelf life and doing more.

Blockchain Tracks Every Step in Shipping:

Nowadays, we use a lot of stuff. This is possible because of the improvement in the present-day supply chain. It is a complex network of data, systems, scheduling and relationships. A simple error can contribute to delays that have huge ripple effects.

By automating and digitizing paperwork across supply chains, blockchain technology helps insurers, banks, logistics providers, custom services, ports and shippers manage documents better across borders and organizations. Above all, everything happens in real time with the utmost perfection.


These are just a few examples of how businesses are benefiting from the blockchain. It helps with building trust to a great extent.