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Irrespective of whether it is buying or selling old stuff, many rely on classified portals these days. Nowadays, as compared to websites, people are more into mobile apps. If you are looking for a mobile app, where you can sell your old stuff, Gumtree App can help. Not only selling, but also you can use this classified app to buy old stuff from fellow users.

What is Gumtree App?

Gumtree App is a classified ads platform. On this platform in your Android or Apple Phone, you can buy and sell your everyday stuff locally in the UK. This platform has sellers and buyers in your community. On this app, you can trade items under different categories. For instance, a few categories include games, clothing, furniture and even automobiles.


View Hundreds & Thousands of Ads within the UK:

You will be surprised to know that the Gumtree App is being used by nearly 14 million people every month. You will get to see hundreds and even thousands of ads posted on this app. You can find sellers of old furniture, car and other stuff located just a few streets away from you. Not only buying items sold by others but also selling your old stuff is easy on this app. All you have to do is to create an account. This is a process that will not take more than two minutes of your time.

Apply Filters To Quicken Your Search:

When you use the Gumtree App for classified search, you can use a lot of filters. In turn, you can get what you are searching for quickly. You can understand this feature with an example better. For instance, let us consider that you plan to buy a used car. You can filter your search by year of production, mileage, model, make and type of fuel. For instance, if you wish to buy a used real estate property, you can filter by location, year of construction, number of rooms, etc.

Seamless Shopping and Trading Process:

One of the key features of the Gumtree app is its user-friendly and intuitive interface. You can search for ads within minutes. You can post your ads with ease for free with quality photos when you intend to sell your stuff. The app offers an in-app messaging facility. So, you can easily communicate with your prospective buyers or sellers on this platform.


Now, you know about the attractive features of the Gumtree App. You might wonder what are the advantages of this app. Here is the list to help you better understand the benefits:

  • You can find items under different categories to buy
  • As a seller, you will have the option to post ads for any item you wish to sell
  • You can find local buyers. So, you need not have to spend huge on shipping your products to buyers
  • With this app, you can discover local deals from the comfort of your phone
  • You can post ads quickly


Gumtree App, as a local classified has won the hearts of many buyers and sellers. The user-friendly interface will impress you regardless of whether you wish to buy or sell.