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The Citymapper transport app will help you find the best travel routes in different cities in the UK including London, Dublin, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham and more. The app has been rated as one of the best apps of the year Editor’s Choice Award.

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This user-friendly app will let you know the time it will take to reach the UK Destination you search via different modes from your present spot. The app uses a unique approach to generate the most accurate mobility information.

Read on to learn more about the benefits and features you can expect from this transport app:

Top Features:

1.      Step-by-Step Directions:

At times, you might be visiting a city in the UK by scooter, bike share, personal cycling or even by walking. In these instances, the turn-by-turn navigation facility offered will make things easier for you. The app offers the facility to select between three different map views. You can even connect your e-bike to this app and know the battery level. Also, you can keep away from no-parking zones to safeguard your vehicle. To help you enjoy the ride, the app will take care of the logistical thinking.

2.      Find the Best Routes:

Citymapper also comes with a simple travel planner. Most importantly, the travel planner combines different modes of transport that include car, ride share, taxi, tram, train, tube and bus. So, you have the option to choose the best of these modes. With this app, you can discover routes that you never knew earlier.

3.      City Personalization:

Another key feature of Citymapper is that it will let you personalize your city. For instance, you can save your work and home. Also, you can save or go-to stations or stops. When you do this, you can expect the app to do lightning-fast trip planning for you. Also, this feature lets you subscribe to your favourite tram, bus or tube line for automatic status, delay and disruption alerts. So, you can reschedule your visit to these spots accordingly.

4.      Travel Off-line:

At times, your data package for the day might over after you watches a few videos. Thankfully, even after your data is over, you can continue to use Citymapper to safely reach your desired spot. The reason is that this app lets you access the official Tfl underground map offline. Even, you can view many other local network maps offline when you have this app on your Android or iPhone.

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Apart from the features mentioned above, Citymapper, your travel companion can impress you in many other ways. Now, it is time to understand the top benefits of this app:

  • The app can provide you with travel maps for almost all cities in the UK
  • You can get social with this app if you are a social media freak. Yes, you can let your friends your live trip so that they can know when you will reach them
  • With this app, you can know live wait times. So, you can know how long it will take to reach any spot.
  • With this app, you can do more than just know your routes. Yes, you can grab the closes carshare, hail a ride and hop on a shared bike all from within the app. Citymapper has partnered with Ola, Uber, Zipcar, Gett, Santander Cycles and more.

So, what are you waiting for? Let your travel get easier in the UK with free Citymapper irrespective of whether you use Android or iPhone.