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Are you from the United Kingdom? Do you look for the best flexible way to get your car insured? If your answers to these questions are affirmative, you can confidently choose the Cuvva App. Read on to learn more about this user-friendly app:

Cuvva App – An Introduction

Motivated to provide affordable access to a car anywhere and anytime, the Cuvva team launched an hourly car insurance option. This was done by the team via its app in the United Kingdom. After this, the team found that it has become easier for anyone to get in and get insured. Above all, the users were able to get insured for someone’s car as it is their own vehicle.

Thankfully, the short-term car insurance that this app offers is the best way to open up car sharing to everyone across the United Kingdom. You will be surprised to know that you can buy car insurance policies that begin from one hour from this platform. Above all, you can do this without any ongoing commitments. With this app on your smartphone, it is now easy to borrow or lend a car to get around.  The founders of this app have impressive statistics as below:

  • 1 out of every 5 people in their 21 years have downloaded the Cuvva App
  • The app has helped to insure more than 1.5 million cars so far
  • Cuvva App has sold more than 8 million car insurance policies so far

When you get this app, you will become part of a community of more than 900,000 users.

Features of the Cuvva App

Indeed, before you download this app to your Apple or Android phone, you will be interested in knowing about its features. Here are some details to help you:

Short-Term Car Insurance

Have you heard of buying car insurance for a few hours? Yes, this is possible with the Cuvva App. Let us consider that you hire your friend’s car for a trip. Just in case, an accident occurs when you are driving your friend’s vehicle, you can get paid for the damages when you insure your friend’s car in your name for the few hours you are driving.

Get Insured in Minutes

When you buy insurance policies for hours, you will be frustrated if you are made to wait for long. Thankfully, the Cuvva App helps you get insured within minutes. Above all, you have the option to extend the coverage on this app. For instance, let us consider that you buy car insurance for 12 hours. But, if you wish to extend your trip, you can extend the coverage for 12 more hours or more as required.


In addition to these features, you can enjoy other features as well from Cuvva App. For instance, you can save money. Also, you can insure your car and can borrow your friend’s car as well. Yes, you can invite your friend to this app. When you do this, both of you will be rewarded.