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Are you a person interested in keeping yourself updated with the latest news in a specific field? If so, you can rely on the BBC News App. You know that BBC News is a popular source for a long. Now, when you have the BBC News app on your phone, you can know the latest happenings in any domain right in your palms.

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To make sure that users like you get the news they want, this app offers a feature called “My News”. Apart from providing the latest news, this app comes with many user-friendly features.

The Best Features of BBC News App:

1. “My News” to Personalise News:

When you get into the BBC News app on your phone, you will find many stories. Also, you will see a + icon close to each story. You can click on this icon. When you do this, you can take a quick view of the stories you care about. The topics you add will show up on “My News” feed.

Even on this page, you can order the news by time or topic. In turn, the news you want will stay on the top. Using the edit function, you can remove, add or re-order stories in the “My News”.

2. Improved Offline Experience:

Indeed, the BBC News app relies on the internet to provide you with the latest news. But what if you go to a place that does not have wi-fi or mobile data access? The app offers the option to download the latest news when you are online. Thereafter, you can read the downloaded news when you are offline.

3. Push Notifications:

Are you particular that you should not miss out on the latest happenings in a particular niche? In this case, you can choose the “push notifications feature” offered by BBC News App. You will get notifications on your phone on the news that you should not miss out on.

4. Suggestions for Further Reading:

When you read specific news on the BBC News app, you will get a facility. The facility is that you can get links to related news. So, you will not miss out on any news in any niche of your interest.

5. Facility to Share Stories:

You might be interested in sharing some news with your friends and family. BBC News app offers this facility. Yes, you can share any story with your loved ones via SMS/Email or social networks.

Benefits of BBC News App:

  • The news app offers the facility to see video-based news using Wi-Fi or mobile data
  • From the setting screen on Apple Devices, you can choose the “Compact Layout” option to see more stories per index
  • The BBC News App both on Android and Apple phones will go with the font size on your device. However, you can increase or decrease the text size as required.


In short, the free BBC News app should be present in the phone of each one of us. So, we can stay updated on the news that we wish to know.